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WearableTechWatch turns 100!

April 25, 2014   All wearables, Smart clothing, Smart eyewear, Smart health, Smart wristbands, Smartwatches   2 Comments

This is the 100th post on WearableTechWatch. To celebrate achieving the century, we’re sharing some statistics, and taking a look back.

The blog launched on July 11 with a post entitled (Use it up) Wear it out – that’s a reference to a 1980 single by the pop band Odyssey, in case you wondered. As well as being a catchy tune, it is about “shaking your booty”, which is highly appropriate for a blog about wearable technology.

Back in July last year, the wearable scene wasn’t as crowded as it is today. The inaugural post noted that the Nike FuelBand was about to launch into Europe (little would we know that less than a year later, Nike would kill the project), while Shine was still on the drawing board.

The very first post on wearables actually wasn’t even on this blog, it was something I wrote for my work blog, complaining that my Jawbone UP had died after a few short months. I’d enjoyed writing about the topic of wearables, and with the encouragement of a very close friend, decided to create a dedicated blog.

It took a while for the world to notice – in July it received only 152 views, and by September traffic had barely doubled. In October, the breakthrough: My posts about Fitbit’s sync issues with Android phones started climbing the search engine rankings, and by the end of November, monthly page views were at around 1300. December traffic doubled that, and daily visitors have been steadily increasing since: April traffic will pass the 5000 monthly visitors milestone. Small fry perhaps in comparison to pro bloggers but this is a hobby thing: I’m making time to write two or three updates per week, and trying to make them insightful.

Here’s the top 10 posts – from most-popular downwards … people occasionally ask if I’ve got particular issues with Fitbit, to which the answer is no, it is still the only wearable device I’ve been able to live with, long-term, but I do have concerns about the quality control… and their storytelling sometimes isn’t fully thought through. There are plenty of posts on this blog if you are craving more.

  1. Fitbit Wrong-Footed by Android 4.3 Update
  2. How to Sync Fitbit with the Internet of Things
  3. Update: Fitbit rushes out Galaxy S4 sync beta
  4. IPOs for wearable tech companies?
  5. ERI is the next-generation #wearabletech wristband
  6. UP or Flex? My verdict after trying both
  7. Market sizing: How big is the #wearables market today?
  8. New wearables: Nike+ Fuelband SE and fugly Fitbug Orb
  9. Polar wearabletech wristband is driving me Loop-y
  10. The ultimate comparison guide for wearable tech wristbands

And the least popular? An early post about UK Chancellor Gideon “George” Osborne sporting a Jawbone UP. Perhaps nobody cared! He never responded to my team request on UP, either … it would have been fun to track the Chancellor’s sleep patterns in the days before the budget.

Thanks for reading, and here’s to the next 100!


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  2. Fitbit goes IoT « WearableTechWatch says:May 20, 2014 at 7:27 pm

    […] Fitbit is also responding to pent-up demand from users, judging from the number of hits that this blog’s post on the IFTTT channel created by Australian teen entrepreneur James Stone receives on a daily basis: our second-most popular blog post of all time. […]


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