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ERI: Digi-Care responds to quality and feature issues

August 12, 2014   All wearables, Smart wristbands   1 Comment

A few days back we posted that the long-awaited ERI smart wristband had arrived, but was sorely disappointing. Then it stopped working completely. We complained, and now we’ve heard back from Digi-Care. Here’s valuable information that should help guide prospective buyers. In short, as Digi-Care admitted, many of the promised features have not been implemented. 

ERI from Digi-Care: Early issues

ERI from Digi-Care: Early issues. Image courtesy Digi-Care

In summary, Digi-Care confirmed that the step counter is inaccurate, the geo-tracking has not yet been implemented, and nano-silicon was not used for the wristband. Also they confirmed that the thickness of the device increased and that the planned integration with the Apple Notification Center Service is still in the air. Talking of which, my faulty ERI will also be in the air shortly, back to Hong Kong – as Digi-Care has promised to provide a replacement.

Meanwhile, here’s our questions, and Digi-Care’s answers (a few edits in square brackets for readability) regarding our fleeting experience with the ERI:

Q: The step counter is inaccurate. I’m wearing the band next to my Fitbit Flex, which I know is properly calibrated. By lunchtime today, Flex told me I’d done 3100 steps  but your product said 5300 steps.
A: “Step counter is inaccurate, because the anti-shake algorithm is not ideal. It will be solved after motion type auto recognize version release, we are busy testing and improving it.”

Q: The temperature read-out is inaccurate. It hovers between 27c and 30c. Here, the air temperature is around 21c. My body temperature is around 36c. So where does the reading come from and how can it be compensated?
A: “The temperature is skin temperature, not body or environment temperature.” (Editor’s note: Is this really a piece of important information?)

Q: Where is the geo-magnetic route tracking? I see no evidence at all of this in the iPhone app
A: “GeoTracking is still in development.”

Q: The promised “nano silicon” feels identical to the Flex strap. Can you prove this is nano-silicon? The prototype I saw last November was much softer.
A: “Because the ERI’s mold, nano silicon cannot be used. We are sorry to tell you that. We used the same as Fitbit’s wristband material to manufacture ERI. We also tested the new wristband material is totally safe.”

Q: The thickness. It is not 6mm but 7mm. Please explain why.
A: “The thickness, because of the old mould of ERI can not be manufactured, we had no choice to change the structure of ERI. You never know we do much more in the new structure. We used smallest chips, smallest components and thinnest structure components. We used more pins instead of connectors. We designed the thinnest battery what our supplier can make. We used magnesium alloy to make the thinner and hardness rear cover.”

Q: Battery: The crowd-funding page on Indiegogo promised “more than half a month” but now you say 7-10 days. Also the app has only basic functions. When will you add the Apple Notification Center Service as per your website? What can I do with my altitude info? Where is the gesture control?
A: “Apple Notification Center Service will put up the standby current to 450uA and we have only a 90mAh capacity battery, so we can not [reach the] announced battery life. But if you do not turn on ANCS, it will [run for longer on] standby than we announced. Yes the app is basic, we are still developing the next version. ANCS is ready, we will push the firmware to all customer later. About altimeter, we hide it at this time because waterproof makes it inaccurate. About Gesture control, we will provide a raw data function in the SDK of ERI which will be released in September.”


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One Response to ERI: Digi-Care responds to quality and feature issues

  1. Victoria says:March 16, 2016 at 6:41 pm

    I have an ERI, and I’m locked out. I need my password reset, but it’s stuck on a blue page that I can’t get rid of that wants me to enter my email and password, but it keeps telling me the password failed, but there’s no way to get info to reset it. I have emailed Digi-care twice and just get no response. Anyone know how to fix this? I am connected to my Digi-care app and eri on my ipad mini.


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