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Kardiaband: Pay to play

Now our one-month premium trial has expired, the Kardiaband has lost some of its shine: What wasn’t clear from the start is that unless you have a paid, premium subscription, it is

Kardia delivers instant EKGs – may save your life

Kardia is nothing short of a medical marvel - and a great example of how wearable tech is becoming invisible. A little sensor integrated into an Apple Watch band is hardly noticeable,

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It's starting to look like an impossible quest: The search for the perfect fitness tracker. After a strong performance over the last weeks, our Withings Steel

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This coming week, wearables meet IoT at the biggest dedicated show of its kind so far - Smart IoT in London. WearableTechWatch will be there, with editor-in

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We look at some top use cases for the Apple Watch

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It's CES week - and that means a slew of new wearables, including a second "smart fitness watch" from wristband market leader Fitbit.

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Now what for smart wristbands, the poster child of the first wave of wearable technology? The answer is that wearables must become invisible.

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If 2015 was supposed to be the "year of wearable tech", then what about 2016? The IoT is a bigger mega-trend that is already eclipsing smart wristbands

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In the technology industry, it's rare to get anything right first time.

Analysis: Fitbit’s week from hell | Wearable Tech Watch

Fresh from its IPO, wearables firm Fitbit saw its stock price fall off a cliff after declaring its first quarterly results as a public company.