Healthcare insurers invade wearables | Wearable Tech Watch

Health insurers are using step-counting phone apps as a Trojan horse to lure customers into sharing "very sensitive information", according to a new warning.

Fitbit and Jawbone fight in-field failures | Wearable Tech Watch

Leading smart wristband makers Fitbit and Jawbone are both fighting to stem the tide of in-field failures of their smart wristbands.

Airing, world’s first hose-free CPAP | Wearable Tech Watch

Airing is reinventing the approach to the CPAP - Continuous positive airway pressure - solution

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Tyia is a smart bracelet that filters out all but the most essential alerts when you'd prefer to spend time away from your technology

Mapping quantified life with wearables | Wearable Tech Watch

Data science consultancy Profusion ran a research project into the limits and possible application of data collected and analysed from wearable devices.

Japan doesn’t embrace smart wristbands | Wearable Tech Watch

One year on and we’re revisiting the wearables market in Japan. Although there are more bands on sale now in 2015, it’s still a much more limited choice.

Mi redefines low-end wristband market | Wearable Tech Watch

Plain smart wristbands are available for under $20. The Mi band from Chinese telco giant Xiaomi is a good example...

Yes, Apple’s Watch changes everything

After spending time with the new Apple Watch, we think Apple's arrival changes everything for the smartwatch.

Beddit: We think it’s the best sleep monitor so far | Wearable Tech Watch

Beddit is an excellent sleep tracker, providing more accurate and definitely deeper insights than a smart wristband or a smartphone slipped under the pillow.

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Does the general public really understand what wearables is all about? We think not, based on the results from a recent survey on wearables.